Alex Visa Immigration Group INC, and all directly and indirectly related companies and associates process student/work/immigration related documentation. Results can vary depending on each clients’ personal information, education, net worth, business-work background, travel history, banking information, experience in Canada, family background, and other external parameters. Student acceptance are based solely on the decision of the school and work offer is solely the discretion of the employer. We are not associated with the Canadian government whatsoever neither do we possess the ability to influence an immigration officer’s decision. Individuals should consult with our company consultant for better assessment. Clients are required to seek independent legal advice before signing our contract. Services do not guarantee results nor does previous successes guarantee future results. We reserve the right to reject service. Copyright 2018-2019

Alex Visa Immigration Group INC established based on the principle that every student deserves the benefit of the most excellent educational services. Asvf recruiting children for kindergarten and enrolling in schools from 6 to 18 years of age, as well as accepting an international student in Vancouver, Canada, we are proud to provide services and assistance to students from all over the world in order to reach the highest level of instructional education at the highest level of satisfaction.

Alex Visa Immigration Group INC. Based on the principle that every student deserves a great deal of excellent training services. asvi Kindergarten for children and preparations for entry to schools from the age of 5 and up, as well as international student admission to Vancouver, Canada and our pride in providing services and assistance to students from all over the world to provide the highest quality educational services with the highest level of satisfaction Access.