With a start-up visa, Canada is looking to attract entrepreneurs who have the potential to start innovative companies and create jobs.

If you have a good idea and can get one of the organizations nominated by the Migration Board to invest in your project, the start-up visa will apply to you and your family, which will be granted a Canadian Permanent Residence Visa.

Please note that you are not allowed to invest in personal funds unless the organizations you nominate ask you to partner with them.

The Start-Up Visa Program also gives permanent immigrant visa to entrepreneurial immigrants while helping them to settle in Canada. The start-up visa program encourages immigrant entrepreneurs to expand their companies in Canada.

Successful applicants work with private sector organizations in Canada and can receive funding, guidance and expertise in setting up and opening a business in Canada.

If you are successful in obtaining this visa, you and your dependent family will be granted a Canada Permanent Residence Visa and will not be subject to the success of the business in question, and even if you fail to do so after arriving in Canada, There will be no permanent residence for you and your family. Up to 2750 files are selected annually in the Start up program.

Are you eligible for a start-up visa?

In order to qualify for a Start-Up Visa, in addition to not needing to settle in Quebec, you must meet the following three requirements:

Canadian Startup Visa Conditions

Condition 1: Prove that your business plan or idea is supported by one of the organizations you nominate. In this case, these companies will send you a letter of acceptance of your business plan.

What is the minimum investment for this visa?

If your capital is funded by Designated Canadian Venture Capital Fund $ 200,000

If your capital is funded by the Designated Canadian angel Investor Group $ 75,000

If you are accepted into the Canadian Businuess Incubator Program, you will not need to pay for basic training and must be accepted into their training program.

Second requirement: Proficiency in English or French at least at CLB5 level in all four language skills to be proven by one of the valid language tests.

CLB LEVEL IELTS Speaking IELTS Listening IELTS Reading IELTS Writing Total points
Level 4 or higher  4 – 4.5 4 – 4.5 4 – 4.5 4 – 4.5 5
CLB LEVEL TEF Speaking TEFL istening TEF Reading TEF Writing Total points
Level 4 or higher 181 – 224 145 – 179 121 – 149 181 – 224 5

Condition 3: Get enough capital for the first 6 months of living in Canada to cover your basic expenses for yourself and your family. Note that this cost has nothing to do with investing in Canada and you do not personally need to invest in this type of visa.

MINI Size of Family Unit
$11,824 1 Person
$14,720 2 Person
$18,097 3 Person
$21,971 4 Person
$24,920 5 Person
$28,105 6 Person


Questions about the startup program to immigrate to Canada

What does designated Canadian venture capital fund mean?

Immigration-approved investment groups that the applicant is authorized to work with to provide their business idea are designated Canadian venture capital fund. Contact us for a complete group listing.

What does the designated Canadian angel investor group mean?

This is also the case with the approved case group, which allows the applicant to share their idea and, if accepted, apply for an application for a residence permit through a start-up visa.

Is it possible to get support from two supporters?

Yes. But you should generally receive the minimum amount of investment for the group with the highest amount of capital, and one of them should play a key role.

For example, if two angel companies are interested in your idea and want to invest, they should invest a total of $ 75,000.

For example, if an angel company and a venture company plan to invest in your idea, a total of at least $ 200,000 should be invested….

Can any business get into the start-up program?

No. Your business should be one of those businesses with high-growth potential.

How can I be sure that the investment companies are reputable and should they send me a letter?
The list of companies is posted on the Canadian Immigration Service website. If the investment firm agrees with your idea, they will send you a letter and a letter to the immigration office, and then you can start applying for permanent residency in Canada through the startup program.

How many applicants can migrate to Canada through a business plan?

Maximum 1 applicant. Of course, it should have the idea you need to introduce people. Each individual is closely monitored by the Migration Board and must meet the minimum requirements listed above. Each of these individuals must also have at least 10% of the voting rights of the company.

Important Note: If one of the applicants in this program is rejected by the Officer, all other applicants will also be rejected.

Is the applicant required to submit an idea after receiving a permanent residence in Canada?
No. If you are granted permanent residency in this way you will not be liable when you enter Canada.