Your Canadian Visa is carefully monitored for your Canadian Visa, and you may be asked for more documents in accordance with the particular circumstances of the case. Once the documents are completed, it takes one to two weeks to get our Canadian visa application at the embassy.

Completing forms and paying related funds is also done at this stage. Be sure to read the forms that are filled out for you and confirm us. After these steps, a fingerprint will be given to you and you will have the opportunity to visit the site for up to one month. Choosing a fingerprint location is with you: from Dubai, Ankara and Yerevan to Rome, Paris, Chicago and …

Note that Canada currently does not need to appoint an embassy, ​​and fingerprinting can be done every day and every time you want it within one month. Before traveling for fingerprinting, of course, we will inform you about the required information, such as the Canadian Embassy’s holiday calendar and fingerprinting offices. After taking a fingerprint, you should wait for the embassy’s response. The final answer may be announced on the same day or may take several months. In any case, we’ll keep you in the pipeline immediately after issuing the final answer. If the answer is no, the letter from the embassy will be filed to deny the request, and the difficulties encountered in the file will be explained. If so, we will inform you that we will provide your passport for the issue of a Canadian visa.

At this time, you have the opportunity to pass the passport to the embassy for a month.

Considering that the visas are currently valid according to the validity of the passport, we recommend that you change the passport if it is not valid. The process of sending a passport to the embassy and returning it to the “pickup” usually takes about one to two weeks. You can buy a ticket after you feel comfortable with issuing a visa. You will not have the time limit to travel to Canada and have permits to stay in Canada for six months.