To enter the Canadian University of Canada, a language proficiency is a requirement for admission, and the student should have a minimum IELTS score of 6 to 6.5 and TOEFL 80 to 85; The Immigration Fluent Institute, with applicants’ applications, has also received senior and Ph.D. degrees in some of the French language schools in Quebec, with lower language qualifications.
The cost of universities in Canada varies according to the university and field of study, this amount is approximately 6-10 thousand Canadian dollars.

Other living expenses include housing, food, clothing and urban travel, varying from city to city. An average of $ 900-1400 per month for a student is estimated. Thus, the average cost of studying and living in a masters degree in Canada is approximately $ 30,000.

International student according to Canadian law. He can work 20 hours a week outside the place of study and without a time limit at the place of study. The average wage is $ 12.29 in Canada.

Frequently Asked Questions about University:

?- Is it possible to obtain a post-graduate residence?

Yes, after graduation, students will receive a three-year work permit and can apply for permanent resident status after obtaining privileges.

?- Do you have a dormitory?

Yes, most universities have dormitories

?-Is the student’s wife allowed to work?

Yes, the student’s wife can work full time, and this way the student can cover most of his tuition and tuition fees.

?-Is the student’s education condition available?

Yes, the student’s child can register for free in public schools.

Considering that living expenses in eastern Canadian provinces such as Quebec, New Brunswick, and Novosibirsk are much lower than in other provinces, and the possibility of permanent residence in these provinces is easier and faster than other provinces; The immigration gateway offers you the opportunity to study in the eastern provinces of Canada.

If you have the following terms and conditions for consultation, start the process of admitting and obtaining a Student Visa:

1. Having a minimum of 14 in the bachelor’s degree
2. English language proficiency – IELTS with a score of 6.5 and, if desired, a French-language student, must have an IELTS 5.5 and a French language version.
3 – Having a scientific resume and appropriate work