The British Columbia Provincial Migration Program is accelerating the process of applying for permanent residence for applicants who are seeking permanent residence in the province.

This allows the requesting person to apply for an application for a residence visa under the expedited method of this program, which is usually faster than federal immigration. Applicants will receive a British Columbia Provincial Recognition Certificate that will accelerate the process of applying for a Canadian Immigration Visa (permanent residence).

Under the British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program, you may qualify under the following two broadcasts.

The flow of strategic opportunities
Flow of business immigrants

Strategic Opportunities Stream:

Applicants for the Strategic Strategic Plans of the British Columbia Provincial Immigration Program should have a job offer from an employer in the province and be examined in one of the following four categories:

Skilled professionals and professionals: Applicants from this group are managers, professionals, technologists, and technicians and skilled staff who are qualified to offer a job.
International Graduates: Recent Graduates of Graduate Graduates from Academic Academic Institutions in British Columbia who have completed an acceptable part of their education in the province.
International undergraduate graduate undergraduate project: For top students who qualify for postgraduate and postgraduate degrees. This is a pilot project that will end on May 28, 2013.
Certified Career Professions: Nurses, Midwives, Psychiatric Nurses and Physicians.
The pilot project of simple and semi-skilled workers: Half-skilled workers in food processing and tourism business, and long-distance freight transportation

The prerequisites are the following four methods (except the pilot project of international undergraduate graduate students) and must exist before applying under this program:

The employer has offered job offers and accepts permanent and full-time job seekers with an acceptable job opportunity.
The applicant is eligible for the work.
The proposed salary is comparable to British Columbia wage rates.
The job opportunity offered is a good future.
The employer has a good financial position and has a good record of good human resource and business management and has worked in British Columbia for at least one year (two years for in-service and semi-skilled jobs) and has at least 5 full-time employees.
The applicant should not have 10% or more of the share of the hiring company.
Hiring a foreign worker should have a significant economic benefit for British Columbia.
The claimant has the capability to be economically established in British Columbia.
The hiring of an external worker should not be widespread in the negotiation of the work of the resident or employing any person who is involved in any given situation in the same way.
The employer has been actively working to fill the job position in the region.
If the applicant is currently living in Canada, they must maintain a legal status throughout the process and should not be in the event of expulsion.
The applicant should not examine the asylum application.
If the requester is currently outside Canada, he must not be allowed to enter Canada and must be wholly legal in the country where he is currently resident.

Current migrants:

The British Columbia Business Immigrants Group (FBI) is considering applicants from commercially-minded entrepreneurs who intend to invest and manage active business in the province. Commercial immigrants are placed in one of the following three categories:

Business skills
Regional trade
Strategic projects

Each of these groups has different preconditions for the minimum net worth of a person, the minimum amount of investment, the geographical location in the province, and the number of Canadian employees in the proposed trade.

The primary criteria for each of the three business groups are related to the eligibility of the trade:

The primary goal of the business is to profit from active income through the supply of products / services.
The likelihood of staying in business is quite real.
Business should bring economic benefit to British Columbia by helping one of the following:
Increased export of goods / services.
Increasing the value added of production, processing, or activity of primary resources.
Increasing tourism in British Columbia
R & D and commercialization of technology.
Create Innovative Views of Traditional Businesses.
Serving a deprived regional market.
Transfer of skills, technology and knowledge to work in the province.

Applicants for the “Business Skills” Group must meet the following requirements:

Capital at least $ 800,000 in Canada
Investing at least $ 400,000 in Canada to create a good business.
Owning at least one-third of trading capital.
A business justification to create at least 3 new jobs for Canadian citizens or permanent migrants.
Skill and business necessary, successful business experience and a continuous active role in the business.

Applicants for “business skills” can pay a $ 125,000 repayable deposit to the British Columbia province to accelerate the process. This deposit is refundable when you qualify for this agreement (without profit).

Migration Requests within the “Regional Trade” Group should meet the following requirements:

A Vancouver commercial project and Abtstford Metropolitan Area.
Net capital of at least CAD 400,000
Invest at least $ 200,000 to create a business.
Ownership is equivalent to one third of the trade.
A business justification to create at least 3 new jobs for Canadian citizens or permanent migrants.
Skill and business necessary, successful business experience and a continuous active role in the business.

Applications from the Regional Trade Group can be used to accelerate the process of processing a $ 125,000 repayable deposit to the British Columbia Provincial. This deposit is refundable when you qualify for this agreement (without profit).

The Group of “Strategic Projects” helps foreign companies bring a good business in the province by bringing the key management, professional and technical personnel up to a maximum of 5 people per company and with the intention to permanently reside in British Columbia.

Companies that use this method must meet the following requirements:

Perform a minimum investment of $ 500,000 Canadian
Create at least three new jobs for Canadian citizens or permanent residents for each of the applicants provided by the company.
Demonstrating that applicants are required for corporate business purposes.
Demonstrating that applicants have good business record.