The Immigration Program in New Brunswick is a government-run immigration program that selects eligible individuals from aspiring immigrants to Canada. In fact, they want to stay with themselves and their families in New Brunswick, Canada.

Based on the New Brunswick Province Immigration Program, you may qualify under either of the following two ways:

• Skilled workers
Skilled worker with employer support
Skilled worker with family support
Business Applicants

Skilled workers

Skilled workers are divided into two categories. As a skilled worker, you have to either have a bail or have a supporting family in New Brunswick.

Skilled workers with employer support

Applicants must have the ability to permanently reside in New Brunswick, and must have at least 50 grades of self-assessment (age, education, work experience, ability to speak foreign languages ​​and adaptability) and must have a good job offer from an employer in New Brunswick. The terms of employment by the employer are as follows:

The employer can not find the person to whom it belongs from Canadian citizens or people with permanent residence.
Full-time work with a permanent position (fixed occupation).
The salary is identical to the wages of the area and based on the agreements already made between the worker and the employer.

Skilled worker with family support

The program enables citizens and other people who have stayed in New Brunswick for at least one year in the province to help their family members stay in New Brunswick.

Applicants are assessed through the offer of a full time job or employment based on education, language skills, work experience, age and ability to adapt to the New Brunswick environment supported by a family.

The family of the sponsor (a member of the New Brunswick family) will be evaluated according to the extent to which the obligations related to the immigration process and the successful family member status are fulfilled. The sponsorship affiliation with New Brunswick is also considered.

Business Applicants

In order to qualify for immigration to New Brunswick, the applicant must be eager to establish a business in New Brunswick and can also have at least 50 rating points (age, education, work experience, ability to speak English and adaptability). To earn.

The following are the criteria for determining the eligibility of the applicant for the business:

Provide evidence of senior managerial experience in business as a manager or chief executive.
You will find solid evidence that you will create a business in New Brunswick with your affiliates and have a strong managerial role in your business.
You will visit New Brunswick for a period of at least five days to conduct extensive research and have an interview with an immigration officer.
Your business plan, or your initial business plan, should have economic benefits for New Brunswick and must be approved by an immigration officer.
Prove that at least your net personal assets (total assets minus the total amount of debt) are at least $ 300,000 Canadian.
Your minimum investment should be $ 125,000 Canadian.
You must provide proof of foreign language knowledge (English or French).
You must deposit a deposit of $ 75,000 before moving