The Immigration Program in Nova Scotia is a government-run immigration program that offers applicants with an adequate potential and interest in immigration to their permanent resident and their families in the Nova Scotia area of ​​Canada.

Based on the immigration program to Nova Scotia, you can qualify for immigration under the following conditions in one of the following ways:

Skilled worker flow
Workflow in the family business
Non-affiliated Children’s Stream in Nova Scotia’s Immigration Program
Streaming forums
Streaming forums

Skilled worker flow

This floor is for skilled workers, professionals and managers who have received a permanent and full time job offer from a Nova Scotia employer. You can migrate to Nova Scotia based on this benefit if:

Get a job offer from Nova Scotia for a full-time professional,
Meet the age, education, work experience, and language abilities required in this process;
• Educational and transferable skills with work experience and a certificate and certificate that confirms these abilities, so you can provide a suitable plan for your business and get the qualification of immigration on the basis of this advantage;

Workflow in the family business

The Nova Scotia County Immigration Program (NSNP), according to the workflow in the family business, allows you to employ workers who are close relatives and have the skills to post a business in your business. Why That they may not be able to do so on their own and in accordance with their own criteria for the purpose of obtaining permanent residency or citizenship of Canada.

This flow is under the supervision of the employer. You must provide the worker with a permanent and guaranteed full-time job in Nova Scotia. This worker should be of close relatives like (son or daughter, sister or brother, ah / aunt, uncle / uncle, nephew or nephew, grandchildren, stepbrothers, nephews, stepfather and stepfather) as well as all those who own a business They are in Nova Scotia.

To qualify on this basis, you must:

You must have a permanent job offer from a Nova Scotia employer who is close to your relatives;
Skills, work experience, license (if applicable) for your work;
Have at your minimum age, language and education.

International Graduate Flow

This process will help employers to invite international graduates with sufficient skills and skills to do so in the province. This course will help international graduates make sustained contracts with Nova Scotia to live, work and create jobs in the province.

This flow is also under the supervision of the employer. You should be offered an international graduate full time job in your field studies. This must be done before the application for immigration can be submitted at the time of the request.

To qualify through this process, you must:

You have to graduate in the last two years that at least one year of these full-time studies must be done in Nova Scotia;
Legal status in Canada with a temporary work permit;
Have a full-time job offer from a Nova Scotia employer in your field of study and have at least three months experience in your field of work;
Have enough support to stay;
Have at your minimum age, education, work experience, and linguistic ability.

Non-affiliated Children’s Stream in Nova Scotia’s Immigration Program

In the context of a non-affiliated child in the Nova Scotia Provincial Nominee Program, the selection of individuals who are not affiliated with an immigrant resident in the province and who are willing and able to immigrate to the province. The principal applicant must have a full intention of staying in Nova Scotia and have the ability to be recruited and ultimately to help with the labor market and the Nova Scotia economy.

To qualify during this process, you must:

A non-dependent child of one of the citizens or a person permanently resident in Nova Scotia to use this program;
Over the past 5 years, have a full-time experience of one year or show that they have a decent career perspective;
Minimum age, education, work experience, linguistic abilities for this course.

Streaming the forum

This flow in the Canadian Immigration Program is to select individuals who have long-term relationships with one of Nova Scotia’s associations and who want permanent residence in the province and have the ability to recruit and can go to the labor market And the economy of that particular community.

This thread is under the supervision of the relevant board. The applicant must submit a letter from the organization to the management of the Nova Scotia Department of Immigration and this must be done before the applicant applies for immigration.

To qualify, you must:

Your lack of qualification is indicated in all the above currents and your only way is to use the same flow;
Provide a formal letter from a specific and registered association;
Have a long association with the particular association you received the letter from;
Have enough support to stay;