Saskatchewan’s Immigration Program (SINP) is a government-run immigration program that offers applicants who have shown their passion for their own immigration and residence and their families in Saskatchewan.

Under the Immigration Program of Saskatchewan, you can migrate based on one of the following categories:

Skilled workers
Businessman’s Program (founder of the company)
Family members
Owners / Farmers
Specialist doctors
Hospitality project
Truck drivers for long trails
Flow permits to work for holders of master’s degrees and higher
Flows of Ph.D. graduates and professors

Skilled workers

This class is for skilled workers, professionals and managers who have received a full-time admission from a Saskatchewan Province employer. If you have the following conditions, you can use the eligibility criteria for immigration to Saskatchewan:

In a managerial position / profession you can have a skilled worker or a certain business.
Workers who worked temporarily in Saskatchewan for at least six months.

Businessman’s Program (founder of the company)

The SINP Incentive Program gives you and your family the opportunity to create a business in Saskatchewan, or to participate in a business and play an active part in its management.

To qualify, the applicant must have the following conditions:

The minimum net worth of C $ 300,000;
He has been the director of a company for at least three years or has been responsible for the company’s core responsibilities.

When your nomination for immigration is approved, you need to:

Have at least 150,000 Canadian Canadian assets in Saskatchewan Province. If you become a partner in just one third of your business, your maximum investment should be $ 1 million;
You must be in charge of your manager’s office every day;
In good faith, deposit $ 75,000. When you ask for SINP, your deposit amount should be $ 2,500. When you become a permanent resident, you must add up to $ 7,2500 in advance. Once you are able to do the right thing to do, this deposit amount will be refunded.

Family members

This category is about helping the families of the immigrant to Saskatchewan to help his family go to this province and work here.

Applicants must have relatives working for at least one year in Saskatchewan. They should be supported by their families in the process of migrating to the province. These family members are called the support family members.

To qualify for this category, the applicant must have a family member who is a Saskatchewan citizen or has permanent resident status in the area for at least one year. Supporting family members include: parents, siblings, daughters and boys, Amy and Uncle, uncle and aunts, nephews and nephews, grandparents, cousins ​​and uncle’s daughters, son of Ayah and daughter Ayah, son of uncle And the uncle’s daughter, the aunt’s son and aunt’s daughter, disobedience, stepfather and stepmother, bride and groom, brother-in-law and wife-in-law, brother-in-law, husband’s husband and sister-in-law, and others who are close relatives. Ordinary (and not legal) spouse can not use this criterion for immigration. They must be under the family immigration class (CIC) and citizenship.

Applicant must:

Aged between 18 and 49;
He has at least one year since the end of his secondary education and has obtained degree or evidence;
Have at least one year of work experience in your educational or educational background.
Has enough language skills to hire in Saskatchewan;
An employer’s letter of acceptance from the employer for a full-time full-time job in Saskatchewan, or whether he wants to find a job in Saskatchewan, and has enough financial support after arriving in Saskatchewan to find a job.

Owners / Farmers

Farmers ‘/ Farmers’ Floor is for those who have proven to have proven agricultural experience with significant farm returns or have a farm purchase to make good agricultural work in Saskatchewan. Do.

To use this floor, you must:

Have a minimum net worth of C $ 500,000;
To check the work situation in this province, you must have a minimum 5-day trip from this province before you start working;
Sign an agreement to buy one of the province’s farms and create a $ 75,000 deposit with “Goodwill.” You can withdraw this amount when you are in compliance with the terms of the agreement;
You must have enough experience and field practice knowledge.

Farmer’s / farm owner’s class is a landlord-owned business that involves creating primary agricultural products. Agricultural businesses can also be located on the floor of the Karsha (founder of the company).
If you can not use the terms of the contract two years after living in Saskatchewan, this $ 75,000 will be recorded and will not be refunded.
Yang Farmer Flower (Young Farmer) From Farm / Owner:

The young farmer’s stream is designed to allow young farm owners to form their own lives and set up their own farm in the rural areas of Saskatchewan. To qualify, you must:

Have a net personal income of at least $ 300,000;
Your age is less than 40 years old;
Have at least 3 years of field work experience, farm management, or field practice experience;
Provide your initial work plan based on research conducted in the field of commercial farming in Saskatchewan;
To check the work situation in this province, you must have a minimum 5-day trip from this province before you start working;
The minimum amount of participation in your farm business should be $ 150,000 in Saskatchewan, and this is comparable to long-term assets, both financial and credit (land, masonry), or that you have working capital ;
In one of Saskatchewan’s financial institutions, you will receive $ 75,000 as a redeemable deposit (which is $ 2,500 for your application and $ 72500 for your nomination for immigration to the province);
Have enough marketing skills based on your education and work experience that allows you to complete your farm and farming revenues.

Specialist doctors

This class allows all medical practitioners trained throughout the world and also have worked temporarily for at least six months in this province to apply for immigration on the basis of the province’s immigration program. This class is divided into three sub floors: medical staff, nurses and other people who are specialized in the medical sector.

Hospitality project

Based on the Immigration Hospitality Project in Saskatchewan Province, foreign skilled workers currently working in Saskatchewan can apply for this class. To apply for the Hospitality Project, you must:

Have a valid job in one of the following areas: Food / Drink Servant (NOC 6453), Food Serving Servant / Kitchen Assistant (NOC 6641), or Housewife / Housewashing, etc. (NOC 6661 );
Have at least 12 literacy classes (or equivalent).
You have worked in Saskatchewan for at least six months and you have met all the provincial standards;
Have basic language abilities (preferably English) in Saskatchewan. If your English ability is not appropriate, you must commit to enroll in one of the English classes at the earliest opportunity to attend its courses.

Truck drivers for long trails

This category allows the trucks in Saskatchewan to attract workers who have completed a diploma or in-service training in this field.

To be a part of truck drivers for long journeys, you must:

You can work for one truck unit in Saskatchewan for at least six months;
Have a basic driving license in Saskatchewan;
Have a permanent and full-time job offer from an employer to be accepted at the factory’s factory in this province.

Work permits for holders of higher education courses

The student class allows students who have completed secondary education to be able to apply for this section on the basis of SINP. You can use the terms of this class if:

You graduate with a valid degree, diploma or degree associated with passing secondary education in Canada. Based on this program, you must have completed at least one academic period (eight months to one year) fully covered by the study;
You have worked for at least six months under the Canadian Immigration and Citizenship (CIC)
Have a permanent and full-time job offer from an employer.