The Ontario Provincial Provincial Opportunities Program is an immigration program through which Ontario chooses individuals and families based on a pre-approved job offer in the province.

Certified employers can get foreign employees through. General category and international student group.
General category

In order to be accepted as a worker or an external employee, candidates in the public domain must prove their suitability for the position and must have the following conditions:

Have at least two years of work experience (in the last five years) in the job you are looking for, or if the job you require in Ontario is licensed, to complete the appropriate registration process.
A full-time permanent job offer for a specialized job (NOC 0, A or B).
A proposed salary equal to the prevailing wage level for the job.
Legal status if the applicant is in Canada.
Employer Letter of Attorney, Certificate Form signed by the Employer and Initial Check Form

International Student Bunch

At present, the Ontario Opportunity International Student Group has three sub-collections:

Students with job offerings, PhD graduates, graduate students

Students offer job

In order to apply for Ontario as an international student student, you must:

Have completed at least half of their study in Canada and graduated from or graduated from a college or university-approved Canadian university or soon;
Have completed at least a two-year college diploma program or two-year college degree full-time;
Have a job offer in a managerial, professional, or specialized occupation (B or NOC O, A). . This job offer does not have to be related to the subject field.
A job offer that is permanent and full time, and the minimum wage for that job (instead of the prevailing wage for the general category applicants);
Within two years from the date on which these students receive their diploma or diploma, or during the final semester, to complete their degree or diploma;
If the applicant in Canada has a legal status;
The Employer’s Letter of Attorney has received the certificate form signed by the employer and the initial survey form;

International students do not need to have any empirical background, eligible international students can have Canadian or non-Canadian job opportunities in Canada.

Graduates of the PhD

If you graduate from an Ontario State University in PhD, you can qualify for the Ontario Opportunity International Student PhD Graduate Course.

Graduates from PhD Ontario do not need to offer a job offer.

To take action through the Ontario Opportunity PhD Graduate Scheme, the student must have the following conditions:

Has graduated from one of the PhD programs in the province of Ontario
All the requirements of the curriculum have been successfully completed. (Completing the course of study and defense of the thesis) and:
He has completed at least two years of PhD in one of the Ontario State Universities.
Up to two years after obtaining a PhD.
If in Canada, it’s legal

Students can apply for this program from within and outside of Canada.

Graduates of the Master’s Degree

If you graduate from one of the Ontario State University Graduate Schools, or soon your education is completed, you can qualify for the Ontario Opportunity International Student Graduate Graduate course.

Ontario Graduate Graduates do not have to offer a job offer.

To take action through the Master of Ontario Opportunities Master Degree course, the student must have the following:

Intend to live and work in Canada.
Has graduated from one of the master’s programs in the province of Ontario.
Has completed a full-time course of at least one year.
Up to two years after completing his Master’s Degree, or during the final semester.
Resides in Canada.
Legal status. (For example, visit, work or study visa.)
Have a high level of knowledge in one of the Canadian official languages. (English for IELTS – General test with a score of 7 or higher) (For TEF – TEF – 5 or higher (
Save and earn enough to earn their living and family.
Has lived in Canada for at least one year in the past two years.

Employer’s eligibility

Companies that apply for Ontario Opportunities should:

Have at least three years of business experience (cooperatives, limited liability company and personal partnerships)
Have at least $ 1,000,000 gross profit for the last fiscal year (for companies within the Toronto GTA area), or at least $ 500,000 gross profit (for non-GTA companies).
Have at least 5 permanent full-time employees (for companies within the GTA) or at least three full-time employees (non-GTA companies).
The location of the company is in Ontario, where the requestor will be working.