The major of Pharmacy is very popular among people all around the world, and most of them travel out of their countries to study in a place where it has the best features of studying. Canada is one of those places that annually welcomes a lot of people who want to study this major.
Pharmac Requirements
The requirements for this major are quite the same as medicine, Just like medicine, you have to get a bachelor degree and your degree’s better to be related to the major. For instance, you can get your bachelor degree in sciences, Kinesiology, psychology, etc.
After you finish your degree it is necessary to take and pass the PCAT (Pharmacy College Admission Test) exam to get into the pharmacy field. It takes you 4 years of studying to finish this program, but it depends on your decision to continue to P.H.D.
Furthermore, to have a pharmacy of your own, you have to take two exams which are MCQ and OSCE to get accepted by PEBC (The Pharmacy Examining Broad of Canada).